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Life-Changing Therapy for an Autistic Woman


This is for my friend, Tina. She is 30 years old, living in Denmark and diagnosed with autism and severe chronic depression and anxiety. She is the most fantastic person on the planet, but medications only make her violently ill, and her depression has gotten in the way of her living a full, healthy life.

However, there is a new therapy technique to work on sensory integration for autistics using a cold laser. It works much like acupuncture. It is incredibly effective in reintegrating sensory input and reflex reactions so that anxiety and over-sensitivity is decreased considerably. I and my father have both had sessions and seen vast improvements in our stress levels and anxiety management.

Unfortunately, as it is a brand new therapy, it is not very widespread (it hasn’t reached Europe), and the sessions are relatively expensive.

We will need enough money for a round trip plane ticket with accommodations for her autism, and for the sessions themselves. I will be providing room and board while she is visiting America for her therapy, so that is not calculated into the cost.

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Also, I added levels. 

  • $10 = MSPaint Doodle
  • $50 = hand drawn doodle mailed to you
  • $100 = hand drawn doodle and a personalized thank you note mailed to you
  • ???
  • profit!!
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